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The Montana Public Health Association website; a place to find information about the organization and its members, as well as the state of public health in Montana. We hope you will find the site a useful professional resource as well as a great networking opportunity. We welcome any comments or suggestions for improvement.

The Role of MPHA in Public Health

The Montana Health Association was organized in 1918; one of the first four states to affiliate with the American Public Health Association (APHA) in 1919. In 1979 the name of the organization was officially changed to the Montana Public Health Association. The members and the officers of the Executive Board govern the organization. Members educate and lobby legislators with the purpose of advancing and supporting legislation that enhances the health and safety of the population. MPHA joins with other organizations on specific issues to strengthen the Voice of public health and to advance legislative support for the people of Montana.


The Montana Public Health Association is a diverse organization seeking optimal health and working to shape public health policy for all Montanans.


The Montana Public Health Association (MPHA) serves as a representative voice promoting inclusive public health practice and policies in Montana. Members participate in networking and educational opportunities that support the health of their communities across the state, at the local, tribal and legislative level. MPHA is recognized by organizational partners and leaders at all levels, as a premier resource and advocate for public health in Montana, and nationally.

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles
  • We believe the Montana Public Health Association (MPHA) has a responsibility to influence public health policy and practice and to do so we must work to be an innovative and responsive organization.
  • We believe that collaboration with others is necessary for the advancement of public health practice and policy in Montana regardless of jurisdiction or funding boundaries.
  • We believe that the strength of MPHA lies in the commitment of all its members, including its leadership, to its mission and vision.
  • We provide value to our members and partners through education programs, networking opportunities, and advocacy efforts.
  • We strive for inclusion, bringing many voices and viewpoints to the table.